Belly Dance Institute Mumbai Reviews

Dolma’s Review for Belly Dance Institute Mumbai

If somebody ask’s me to define dance, well i would say Dance is my happiness.. my source of energy. As far belly dance is concerned , i still remember Shakira’s album “Hips dont lie”.

For me it was something unique and i wanted to learn . But that was when i used go to school where i just couldn’t get the opportunity to learn belly dance .


After several years i moved in to Mumbai. One of my friend knew that i wanted to join belly dance. She insisted that I should join and i researched on the internet. I found excellent reviews about Belly Dance Institute Mumbai as well as about the teacher – Ritambhara Sahni of Belly Dance Institute Mumbai, which i liked the most and decided to join. Before joining the class i was a bit nervous.. The next day that was my first day in the class. i still remember when i entered the classroom i found a woman with attractive eyes. She asked me if i am new student.. i introduced myself as a new student. she was very humble and welcomed me and introduced me to all the students over there. That was none other than my favourite teacher Ritambhara Sahni maam. She has a very positive attitude . She always teaches the finest things and if we do something wrong in terms of steps of belly dance and if we find it difficult to get the steps she encourages us in a magical way and makes us and the dance perfect. I learned a lot of things of belly dance technically. I am soo happy that i have joined this belly dance class in Mumbai and yeah i would like to continue this class till i reach all the belly dance levels. Also, in the future if i get some opportunity to work with Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni – i would like to grab the opportunity for sure.

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