Belly Dance Institute Mumbai – Students Experience

Hello everyone, My name is Jiya and this is my review or my testimonial on Ritambhara Sahni as well as her institute namely – Belly Dance Institute Mumbai.  So here goes ….

Belly dance at 65. Are you surprised ?? But that is true, I as a Bharatanatyam dancer was trained in a completely different atmosphere, and then I retired from all activities. In course of time I became depressed, lonely and without any companion.

Life’s New Beginning at age 65 in Ritambhara Sahni Belly Dance Institute

It was at a tough period of my life when  I saw an Ad in the newspaper regarding Belly dance. I thought to myself “let me learn this form of Art” and so I contacted Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni and spoke to Ritambhara Sahni herself, she spoke to me for a long time and gave me her time and that completely  eased my heart, and in no time I joined her classes, I can surly say that In a few days I was a changed person, I regained my confidence and started with my daily chores. My sagging body became firm and strong [ which i thought was just impossible at 65 ], somewhere within me I was at peace with myself and the more I spoke with Ritambhara Sahni, the more I felt stronger and stronger everyday. She was very cool, patient in hearing my voice. She would guide me to do the steps and would give me as much time. In  time I was at par with the other students in her classes. A  day came when I looked in the mirror, and i could see a change, the glow, the coolness on my face depicted in my inner self. I am thankful to Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni for giving me new a new life at this age. Ritambhara Sahni I can proudly say “you are my daughter because of your guidance I can socialize, meet my friends, attend gathering and parties with my own age people. Ritambhara Sahni ..This is for you- I shall always remember you and you will always be an integral part of my life.

Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni reviews

When I think of ‘statue of liberty’ I find you at the top of it and conveying to people to get rid of social stigma and asking each and every young, teenager or older women to learn belly dance because that is the knowledge which is going to make them powerful and liberate them.

Belly dance classes in Mumbai run by Ritambhara Sahni is definately the key to liberty and empowerment.

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